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The Mad Carpenter Inn
About our Bed and Breakfast

Lovingly renovated with hand-crafted woodwork and sculptured ceilings, The Mad Carpenter Inn is as inviting as it is comfortable.

The Mad Carpenter Inn features 2 charming rooms Blossom and Whimsy and one private guesthouse, The Dollhouse. Each room is beautifully adorned with a luxury queen-size bed and plenty of amenities. Your stay includes use of the large living room, dining area, a delicious full breakfast, use of game room and outdoor pond area.

The University of Wyoming is just up the block. No worries about parking around campus if you stay here with us.

Our Story

Once in the middle of Laramie, Wyoming
Stood a broken-down, shabby abode.
It was two stories high and had ugly blue paint,
In desperate need of repair.
It needed the patience of someone who cared;
Someone with a passion for wood.

A carpenter came with a truck full of tools
Who thought he could fix it up right.
He cut and he nailed, he hammered and sawed
Until he transformed the old house.

So after the passing of ten dusty years,
The carpenter came to believe
That others might like to enjoy all his work,
So he’s opened his dwelling to you.

The first sight you’ll see when you walk in the door
Is a room full of couches and chairs.
With hand-sculpted ceilings and handcrafted trim
It has period fancy and flair.
The kitchen invites you to dine and converse;
Where strangers can turn into friends.

We invite you to tour every room of our inn
And see if we’ve done a good job.
If so, we expect you to join us someday
And experience it all for yourself.

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